The low-income preschool obesity rate in New York City is 13.4%. (City Data)


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CAMBA on the Clipper City

Thanks to a UNH partnership with the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, kids from UNH member agency CAMBA got a trip on the Clipper City as part of Harbor Camp.  

Honoring the Hurricane Sandy Champions

One year after Hurricane Sandy, UNH recognized the "Hurricane Sandy Champions" at the 2012 New Yorkers Who Make a Difference Benefit. The "Hurricane Sandy Champions" are a special group of foundations that provided generous support to UNH members for Hurricane Sandy relief and recovery efforts. This video was created by our friends at Viacom. 

United Neighborhood Houses and Viacom: Working Together

Viacom, UNH's corporate honoree at the 2012 Annual New Yorkers Who Make a Difference Benefit, created this video to highlight the important partnership that has formed between UNH and Viacom to help New Yorkers in need. 

UNH's 2011 Annual Benefit Video

Our 2011 Annual Benefit Video was filmed at United Neighborhood Houses' (UNH) New Yorkers Who Make a Difference Benefit in October by wonderful volunteers from VIACOM.

A Mother's testimony: Keisha

Keisha discusses the consequences she will face if her son's child care program is cut.

A video from Literacy Through the Arts: "A Biking Journey...France"

Children from UNH member Hartley House participate in the Literacy Through the Arts program, and showcase their creativity in a short musical video set in France.

Healthy Communities Through Healthy Food

Can seniors in Washington Heights, Fort Greene, and East New York take the lead and make their neighborhoods healthier? Learn about the UNH's Community Experience Partnership initiative as older adults talk about their involvement with bettering food access in their neighborhoods.

Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey talks after school programs

During the launch of the 3rd year of Citi Field Kids, Mets pitcher talks about the impact of after-school programs in his childhood and gives children a tour of the Mets facilities.