There are 3.4 million people over 65 in New York State. (City Hall News)

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UNH advocates for public policies that provide essential services for children, youth, immigrants and older adults in New York City's communities. UNH does this by documenting and drawing attention to the critical role of these services in keeping communities strong. Learn more »


UNH greatly values its volunteers – whether they are helping out through a corporate partnership, joining the Junior Board, or lending their voice during an advocacy rally. Explore the Get Involved page to learn about how you can take advantage of the many opportunities to take action with UNH.


Events, such as the annual benefit or corporate volunteer days, allow UNH to engage and interact with others interested in our work and honor those who deserve recognition in our community. Read spotlights on our past events and learn about upcoming ways to get involved.  Learn more »


With your support, we will continue to work with our 37 member agencies, which are local nonprofits providing meals, after school activities, employment training, arts workshops, child care, mental health counseling, and many other essential services to over half a million New Yorkers each year. Learn more »


Voter Mobilization

The goal of this initiative is to create an effective voter registration, education, and Get Out The Vote campaign throughout the UNH network and to increase civic and electoral participation. Easily accessible public information about government and voting is essential to a functioning democracy. Learn more »

Corporate Partnership and Sponsorship

UNH is proud of its partnerships with a number of leading corporations that have sponsored events, provided support and volunteers for ongoing community activities and participated in group day-long volunteer events with UNH's members. Learn more »

Share Online

You can help spread the word about UNH by joining us on Facebook and Twitter. Send an advocacy letter or email to one of your representatives. Include a link to UNH on your website by downloading our widget. Learn more »

Junior Board

Junior Board

The United Neighborhood Houses (UNH) Junior Board is a new and growing community of young professionals in their twenties and thirties dedicated to improving the lives of low and moderate income New Yorkers. Learn more »

Work at a Settlement House

Working at a settlement house is a rewarding way to enrich the lives and shape the future of city residents and the communities they live in. Join our group of leaders at UNH member agencies and start making a difference today.  Find Opportunities »

Work at a Settlement House